Poster Debut

BBTB 2009 Poster by Ryan Ostrander

More than ever readers need a place to come together and celebrate the joy of books, meet authors, and join in panel discussions. Cincinnati’s 4th annual Books by the Banks (BBTB) book festival is a great place to do just that.  Free and open to the public it will be held Oct. 2, 2010 (10-4) at the Duke Energy Convention Center.            

Every year a different artist designs a poster to commemorate the event.  The past 3 posters have depicted an artist’s view of the joy and excitement books add to our lives in a very different and unique way. They have been nostalgic, colorful or whimsical (like 2009’s poster shown here – check out Cincinnati’s skyline), but they always illustrate our region’s love of reading.    

What will this year’s artist create?  The poster’s debut will be Sept. 1 at Joseph-Beth Booksellers at 7pm!  Acclaimed illustrators, and Books by the Banks poster artists, John Maggard (2010), Ryan Ostrander (2009), C.F. Payne (2008) and Will Hillenbrand (2007) will be there to discuss their work.  For more information about the festival and the poster debut (and to see the rest of BBTB posters)  go to

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