Cookbooks By The Banks

The first "3-Ways" arrive in Cincinnati (photographer unknown)

We Cincinnatians take our food seriously: we’re proud of our culinary oddities, most notably goetta and Cincinnati-style chili. While there are no doubt many who would take up arms in defense of their favorite local chili place (a good way to pick a fight: walk up to a stranger and declare some neighborhood chili place is objectively better than all the others), chili is ultimately something we can (and do) bond over; it is part of our cultural identity. And while the more famous recipes are closely guarded secrets, there are at least as many delicious variations as there are bowls to fill. This years Books by the Banks features a variety of cookbooks, a few of which detail the ins-and-outs of local cuisine.  

First there’s Cheri Brinkman, author of Cincinnati & Soup: Recipes from the Queen City and Great Soup, a collaboration with graphic artist Erin Beckloff. Brinkman also keeps a blog, Cincinnati & Soup, where she writes about… you guessed it… Cincinnati and soup. Here’s a video of the author speaking about her writing:  

The Junior League of Cincinnati has collected more than 180 recipes and placed them alongside iconic photographs of the Queen City “celebrating the Tri-State’s flavors, seasons and favorable landmarks” in their latest cookbook Cincinnati Seasoned.  

Other cookbooks that will be represented by their authors at Books by the Banks, include Joanne “Giovanna” Delli Carpini Trimpe, the chef at St. Peters in Chains Cathedral in downtown Cincinnati, who recently published Holy Chow. Holy Chow features a pastiche of Italian, Latin-American, and American recipes.  

Local author and chef Tamasin Noyes will also be present to talk about her latest book on vegan fare called American Vegan Kitchen. Visit her well done blog Vegan Appetite. Also present will be national author Lauren Chattman, author of Cookie Swap!.  

And last but not least, this year’s Books by the Banks will feature two books about Kentucky Bourbon: The Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book by Joy Perrine and Susan Reigler, and The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook by Albert W. A. Schmid. Chef Schmid, a professor of Culinary Arts at Sulivan University, has a “commanding knowledge of gastronomic tourism, food, wine, spirits, and beers” and frequently gives public lectures on the above topics.  

In other words, if you love Cincinnati food (or food in general!) come down to Books by the Banks on October 2 from 10 to 4 at the Duke Energy Center to meet the authors and fellow food lovers. Just be careful not to get chili on your signed cookbooks!

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